President’s Welcome

I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the opportunity to serve the Society of Counseling Psychology, which has been my professional home for many, many years. I have had the opportunity to learn about our field gradually through leadership involvement in sections, special interest groups, and committees. I learned so much as Vice President for Professional Practice, as a member of the American Board of Counseling Psychology, and as a member of our recent Strategic Planning Committee. And now to have this opportunity is both an honor and a challenge.

I would like to thank the Cabinet, Anneliese Singh, Ruth Fassinger, and Amy Reynolds for their incredible support. As an independent practitioner, I am grateful to my colleagues in practice who have become my family over many years. This past year’s theme of Liberation raised our sights, our awareness, and will continue to inspire and lead us throughout the years to come.

I am very excited about focusing this year on ENGAGEMENT, and my theme is:

It Takes a Village: ENGAGING with Solidarity in Practice, Anti-Black Racism, Leadership, Advocacy, and Big Ideas

This theme emerges from our organization’s vision for itself, as reflected in our strategic plan, which will guide our communal efforts over the next few years. My dream is to make our Counseling Psychology community stronger, to make an impact on our field and on the world, and to engage every member in this journey: practitioners, scholars, and activists; students, ECPs, mid-career and late career folx, and individuals from all communities and countries.

I am hoping that every member volunteers to be part of one or more of these initiatives!

  • Engaging Practice will involve a group creating engagement opportunities related to practice, including discussion groups, training seminars, and peer consultation spaces for practitioners in all settings and with all populations.
  • Engaging with Anti-Black Racism Work will involve a group building upon what has been developed this year and moving beyond, including strengthening our racial affinity groups and developing educational workshops. It will also involve examining and making recommendations on SCP’s governance and accountability structures.
  • Engaging Lifelong Learning and Leadership will involve a group building plans for continuous learning and leadership throughout the lifespan, including mentoring and consultation groups, leadership modules and a focus on career issues.
  • Engaging Advocacy in Counseling Psychology will involve a group to enhance community engagement, implement social justice initiatives, and develop resources for social justice work.
  • BIG IDEAS IN COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY is an initiative that I am very excited about. This group will create a series of online talks by Counseling Psychology thought leaders on a wide variety of topics related to Practice, Science, Leadership, Advocacy and Social Justice. These talks will offer continuing education credit for those who want it, and will be a resource for students, faculty, practitioners, and all Counseling Psychologists. I hope that we can utilize these talks over and over again.

I look forward to ENGAGING with each of you this year, and even more importantly, I look forward to your ENGAGEMENT with Counseling Psychology and SCP! Students and members, please feel free to sign up for our initiatives at

Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD, ABPP
Board Certified Counseling Psychologist
President, Society of Counseling Psychology
(Division 17 of the American Psychological Association)
Fellow, American Psychological Association, Divisions 17 and 42