SCP Membership Renew Letter

Dear SCP Member,

Thank you for joining or renewing your membership to SCP! We are so very happy that you chose Division 17 as your professional home. In a time of many expenses and not enough resources, we are truly grateful for your contribution.

Welcome (back) to one of the largest affiliated divisions within the American Psychological Association (APA), and the largest organization supporting counseling psychologists in the world.

The attached letter describes your SCP membership benefits, and serves as confirmation of your SCP membership.  If you wish to have proof of your membership, please email us directly at and You may also contact us anytime at this email address with any questions, concerns, or comments about your SCP Membership. We are always eager to learn more about ways that we can continue to meet your needs and appeal to your interests. We are committed to making your membership work for you!

As a valued member of our counseling psychology family, we want to make sure you make the most of your membership! Be sure to review the wealth of information on the SCP website at You are now able to login to the new member section using your SCP email address and SCP member number as your initial password. Please be sure to login to create your member profile and upload a photo.

Also, please be sure to check out the following member services on the SCP website:

In addition to our general resources and membership benefits, we also have resources specifically tailored to persons working in various settings, at different stages of professional development, and from diverse cultural backgrounds.

If you are a student, we invite you to connect with our student group, the Student Affiliates of 17:

If you are an early career professional (ECP), we hope you will check out our ECP committee page:

In addition, our sections are wonderful communities for our members to pursue their specific interests and passions within counseling psychology. Learn more about which section(s) may be a fit for you here:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your membership co-chairs. We look forward to serving you and to supporting SCP President Anneliese Singh during her 2019-20 term. You can find information about Dr. Singh’s initiatives at

Thank you for being part of our professional family,

Heidi Hutman
SCP Membership Co-Chair

Marisa Moore
SCP Membership Co-Chair

Anneliese Singh
SCP President