use12listservcomputerThis page describes all LISTSERVs associated with the Society of Counseling Psychology, Division 17 of the American Psychological Association.

The Division has a general LISTSERV (Div17Discuss ), an announcement-only LISTSERV (Div17Announce ), and other LISTSERVs used by various SCP sections, special interest groups (SIGs), and special task groups (STGs).

The general membership LISTSERV(Div17Discuss) is used to facilitate timely dissemination of information to its membership, such as job postings, other position opportunities, and research projects. The announcement-only LISTSERV, on the other hand, is used to facilitate timely dissemination of information from the SCP President to SCP members and primarily consists of monthly updates.  Other LISTSERVs are used at the discretion of the group sponsoring the LISTSERV to advance the mission and purpose of the group. All LISTSERVs are hosted by the American Psychological Association and administered by Jasmin Llamas. All subscription processes are being managed by the administrator.

Who can subscribe to the LISTSERVs?

Subscriptions are restricted to Division 17 members and Student Affiliates. Visit APA membership or Division 17 membership for information on how to become a member. Subscription to section, SIG, and STG LISTSERVs also requires membership in that group.

How do I subscribe to the LISTSERVs?

To subscribe to the Discuss, Announce, or the Student Affiliates of Division 17 LISTSERVs, send an e-mail to Jasmin Llamas.  For other section, SIG, or STG LISTSERVs, you can email either Jasmin Llamas or the contact person for the group sponsoring the LISTSERV (see below).

In the body of your email, include your name, email address, and indicate your Division 17 Membership Status as shown below. For section, SIG, or STG LISTSERVs, be sure to indicate whether you are a member of the group sponsoring the LISTSERV in the request email.

Add  NameOfListservYourEmailAddress  YourName
Division 17 Membership Status:  YourStatus

How do I post to a LISTSERV?

Please review detailed policies and procedures about general postings and postings of research requests.

If you already are a member of a LISTSERV to which you want to send information, all you need to do is address your e-mail to that LISTSERV address.

Alternatively, if you wish only to request posting of information on the group’s LISTSERV, you can e-mail the contact person and request permission to distribute your information. Once permission is granted, the contact person will post your information.

Are LISTSERV messages archived?

To review the archives of posted messages, navigate to the following page (requires you to register for an APA LISTSERV password):

If you are a member of a particular LISTSERV hosted by APA, you can check to see who else is a member of that LISTSERV. To do so, address an e-mail to Leave the subject of your e-mail blank. In the body of the email type “rev” (without the quotes) followed by a space and then the name of the listserv that appears prior to the @ sign. Be sure to turn off any automatic e-mail signatures before sending your message. In a couple of minutes, you will receive a list of all the members of that particular LISTSERV.

Any questions about, or suggested updates to, this master list of SCP LISTSERVs should be sent to

List of D17 LISTSERVs:

D17 Announcements Only
Contact person: Jasmin Llamas

D17 Discuss

Contact person: Jasmin Llamas

Student Affiliates of Seventeen
Contact person: Jasmin Llamas

D17 Early Career Professionals
Contact person: Alexandra Minieri


Advancement of Women
Contact person: Nadia Hasan, PhD 

Ethnic and Racial Diversity
Contact person: Evelyn Hunter, PhD 

Health Psychology
Contact person: Annette Kluck, PhD

Human-Animal Interaction
Contact person: Lisa Lunghofer PhD

Independent Practice
Contact person: Mary O’Leary Wiley, PhD

*Note:  posting privileges restricted to Section officers
Contact persons: Bong Joo Hwang, PhD or  Hana Suzuki, PhD

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues
Contact person: John-Richard Pagan

Positive Psychology
Contact person: Rhea Owens, PhD

Contact person: Dorothy Espelage, PhD

Psychotherapy Science Promotion
Contact person: Jen Schafer, PhD

Supervision & Training
Contact person: Rod Goodyear, PhD

University Counseling Centers
Contact person: James Lyda, PhD

Vocational Psychology
Contact person: Saba Rasheed Ali, PhD

Special Interest Group (SIG) LISTSERVs

Adoption Research and Practice
Contact person: Kimberly J. Langrehr, PhD or Oh Myo Kim, PhD

Couples and Families
Contact person: Nancy Murdock, PhD

(listserv address coming soon)
Contact person: Daniel Fasko, Jr. PhD

Military Issues in Counseling Psychology
Contact person: Kevin Silva

Older Adults and Aging
Contact person: Renee Zucchero, PhD

Organizational Counseling Psychology
Contact person: Rob Durr, PhD

PsyD Programs
Contact person: Sally Hage, PhD and Salina Renninger, PhD

Religious and Spiritual Issues in Counseling Psychology
(listserv address coming soon)
Contact person: Christine E. Agaibi

Rural Practice and Scholarship
Contact person: Savannah LeBarre, PhD


D17 More Pie Initiative
Contact person: (coming soon)

D17 Section in the Society for Vocational Psychology Student Forum
Contact person: Saba Rasheed Ali, PhD