Special Appointments

SCP Representative to APA Coalition for Psychology in the Schools & Education

Kimberly Howard, Ph.D.

SCP Representative to Interdivisional Healthcare Committee, Co-Chairs

Annette Kluck, Ph.D.

SCP Representative to the Clinical Health Psychology Council

Donald Nicholas, Ph.D.

SCP Coordinator, 2019 NMCS

Jill Lee-Barber, Ph.D.

NMCS Legacy Fund Representative

Rosie Bingham, Ph.D.

SCP Representative to the Higher Education Mental Health Alliance

Shari Robinson, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychology Synarchy Representative Council of Specialties (CoSPP)

Julia Phillips, Ph.D.

SCP Representative to Counseling Psychology Synarchy

Ruth Fassinger, Ph.D.

 SCP Webinar Co-Coordinator

Linh Luu, Ph.D.   

Asmita Pendse, Ph.D.

Division Award Nominations

Lisa de la Rue, Ph.D.

Rhea Owens, Ph.D.