Get Involved

Get Involved

There are always governance positions and service opportunities available within the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP).  Below is a list of current opportunities to get involved.  Check this page periodically for updated listings of opportunities.  If you’re curious what governance positions exist within SCP and who currently holds those positions, please visit the main Governance page and peruse the links therein.

Positions that exist but are not yet available can be perused by visiting the Governance page.

To get additional information about a given opportunity or express your interest in it, please email the contact person for that opportunity. Please note that there are various factors that are involved in composing a committee or deciding on a governance appointment, so if you are not selected, we hope you will remain open to serving SCP in other ways.

If you wish to express your interest in a position, please provide the following information in your email:

  1. Please say a little about yourself, including salient aspects of your personal and professional identity that connect to the position your are interested in.
  2. Please talk about how you may be well-suited for the position given your backgrounds and experiences (cultural, academic, clinical).

SCP Leaders who wish to add an opening to this list should prepare a brief description like those below and email it to the web-manager, Kerrie Wilkins-Yel.  If a position has been filled, please let the webmaster know so that the position can be removed from this list.

Position Openings

SCP Special Task Group on COVID-19

Hello Beloved SCP/ACCTA/CCPTP communities,

We are writing because we know that COVID-19 is influencing all of our lives in a multitude of ways right now. We are a community within SCP, ACCTA, and CCPTP of counseling psychologists and other mental health professionals who care greatly about equity and justice in our world. As such, we have an opportunity right now to respond to how COVID-19 is influencing our practice, research, advocacy, and other settings in ways that are grounded in our hallmark values of counseling psychology. We also know many of you are actively involved in addressing the racism, xenophobia, and ableism that is not new – but has threaded through COVID-19’s viral journey.

If you have the capacity to join a Special Task Group on COVID-19 and how counseling psychology can respond, we invite you to email us directly. We will connect you with others within our 3 organizations who want to do the same. We will look to this group to guide us over the coming weeks, so we can look back at this time in the future and know that we acted from our values and in community.

Especially as COVID-19 evolves over the next time period – and as we look back on how it has evolved – we as counseling psychologists can help create resources for what is now and to come. This is so important, as we see older folx and folx with underlying health conditions receiving messages that their lives are dispensable. Many people are experiencing financial stress with sudden changes and/or losses in jobs, do not have access to basic healthcare, and there are many, many people who cannot afford to stay at home to self-quarantine and/or stay home with children as schools are being suspended. We have also heard from students who aren’t sure they can finish their practica and internships to graduate. CPs in practice are busy actively exploring TeleHealth options, which are often expensive and may not always be accessible in rural areas (and client access to TeleHealth is not always guaranteed). CPs in research settings are supporting students, faculty, and staff as classes are suspended, and also working hard to protect research staff and informants. Black and Latinx communities have heard racist messages that their bodies “won’t get” the virus because they are “strong.” Asian heritage folx have been targeted with racism in a myriad of ways. Immigrants have continued to be targeted. There has been an uneven response in detention centers and prisons, and people in need of healthcare (especially those uninsured and underinsured) and surgeries are in great distress.

We could list more, more and more serious issues that are emerging daily, and one thing we know for sure is this: How we respond as counseling psychologists matters. We found this social media post by Wendy Beth Hyman which captured the possibilities of now:

“You don’t get to choose when we were born. We don’t get to choose when natural disasters, epidemiological emergencies, stock market crashes, tyrannical regimes, or wars our generations face. We only get to choose how we react. We can use it as a way to pour our energy back into the world. If you care about history, keep a journal. Future historians will want to know about what it was like to live through this time. If you are a political activist, document the lies. Journalists will need our informed attention. If you love literature, write. If you are an artist, make art. Make art filled with whatever you have, even if that art comes from anguish.”

We would add that helpers are needed at this time too – volunteers are needed at food banks, hospice care, and many other places. As we continue into uncertain times, we encourage each of us to dig deep into our inner well of resources and also keep a good eye on our mental and physical health as we help others. For those of us who have the privilege to stock up on food and cleaning/sanitizing supplies, let’s also pick up some for our neighbors and people in need. As we wash hands and engage in social distancing, let’s use this as an opportunity to remind ourselves we are saving lives by doing so.

Thank you, thank you, thank you SCP, CCPTP, and ACCTA communities for all each of you is doing right now. We see you, and all you are doing to support others – and are right alongside you in this opportunity to foster more empowerment and liberation for all of us.

In the spirit of community and solidarity~

Anneliese Singh (SCP;, Julia Phillips (CCPTP;, and Carmen Cruz (ACCTA;

Communication and Technology Board: Call for Open Positions

Are you looking to become more involved as a leader within the Society for Counseling Psychology (SCP)? Are you interested in contributing to the advancement of technology and the dissemination of information within Division 17, as part of the SCP Strategic Plan?  If so, the Communication and Technology (C&T) Board wants YOU to join us!

The C&T Board is looking to fill a number of open positions as soon as possible. We welcome interest from SCP Student Affiliates and Members representing the broader SCP community, including students, early, mid-, and advanced career psychologists, folx representing diverse cultural and social identities, and those interested in counseling psychology practice, advocacy, and science.

General Position Requirements and Application Instructions:

  • Must be an active member, student member, professional affiliate, or international affiliate of SCP
  • Willingness to meet for a 1-hour monthly conference call with the Communications & Technology Board

For any of the following positions, please send a CV and a statement outlining your interest and specifying the position(s) for which you would like to be considered, to Danice Brown.

We look forward to receiving your materials!

Media and PR Coordinator

We are looking for individuals who are motivated to expand the reach of SCP and counseling psychology by increasing the public’s exposure to the professional efforts of its members. This position is responsible for organizing outward-facing efforts to share the advocacy, research, practice, and education work of SCP beyond the Division.

Duties include:

    • Assist with publicity for the SCP and public relations campaigns: a) targeted to the general public, b) targeted to APA, c) targeted to other professional organizations.
    • Highlight in the media SCP members’ research and public service activities in order to raise the profile of the profession.
    • Work with other coordinators on the C&T Board (Social Media, Listserv, and Website) to ensure aforementioned information is shared via SCP Communication channels.
    • Assist SCP members with effective public relations communications through disseminating informational packets, online presence, talking to news media etc.