Student Affiliates of Seventeen 1

Sam Colbert: 2017-2019

Sam Colbert started his graduate studies at Ball State University as a BA-Phd candidate and is currently a first year doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology program. Sam is originally from New York and received his first publication in sexual assault prevention with Dr. Jennifer Katz at SUNY Geneseo. Prior to graduate school, Sam worked in LGBT advocacy. In New York, Sam was the Community Educator for an LGBTQ non-profit. In this role, he provided cultural competency trainings and presentations to diverse populations ranging from students in K-12 schools to college faculty and staff. After moving to Brooklyn, Sam worked for Community Healthcare Network as a Program Manager implementing two state funded HIV prevention programs aimed at providing healthcare equity for Trans and YMSM patients. Sam is currently working with Dr. Jacob Yuichung Chan studying prosocial behavior towards individuals with multiple marginalized identities. Clinically, Sam has worked in a college counseling center and enjoys doing campus outreach focused on sexual assault prevention and LGBTQ cultural competency. Sam is very excited to have been privileged with the opportunity to represent SAS.