Executive Board

President: 2018-2019

Ruth Fassinger, PhD (email)
University of Maryland

Past President: 2018-2019

Arpana Inman, PhD (email)
Lehigh University

President-Elect: 2018-2019

Anneliese Singh, PhD (email)
University of Georgia

Secretary: 2017-2020

Amy Reynolds, PhD (email)
University at Buffalo

Treasurer: 2016-2019

Susan Kashubeck-West, PhD (email)
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Vice President for Communication: 2016-2019

Louise Douce, PhD (email)
Private Practice

Vice President for Diversity and Public Interest: 2017-2020

Cirleen DeBlaere, PhD (email)
Georgia State University

Vice President for Education and Training: 2016-2019

Michael Scheel, PhD (email)
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Vice President for Professional Practice: 2018-2021

Lisa Ferdinand, PhD (email)
University of South Florida

Vice President for Scientific Affairs: 2018-2021

Dorothy Espelage, PhD (email)
University of Florida

Vice President for International Affairs: 2017-2020

Ayşe Çiftçi, PhD (email)
Purdue University

Council Representative (1 of 4): 2017-2019

Candice Hargons, PhD (email)
University of Kentucky

Council Representative (2 of 4): 2018-2020

Y. Barry Chung, PhD (email)
San Diego State University

Council Representative (3 of 4): 2019-2021

Ashley Randall, PhD (email)
Arizona State University

Council Representative (3 of 4):2019-2021

Bryana French, PhD (email)
St. Thomas University

Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee Chair: 2018-2019

Allie Minieri, PhD (email)
George Mason University

Student Affiliates of Seventeen Co-Chair: 2017-2019

Sam Colbert (email)
Ball State University

Student Affiliates of Seventeen Co-Chair: 2018-2020

Ashley Schoener (email)
Ball State University