Communications and Technology Board


Danice Brown, Ph.D. (2017-2020)

SCP Connect Coordinator (submit new posts for publication in SCP Connect via this link)

D. C. Wang, Ph.D. (2016-2019)

The Counseling Psychologist (TCP) Editor

Lydia Buki, Ph.D. (2014-2019)

Coordinator, SCP Listservs

Jasmin Llamas, PhD



Media and PR Co-Coordinators

Brittan Davis, Ph.D. (2017-2020)

Britney Brinkman, Ph.D. (2016-2019)

Website Manager

Kerrie G. Wilkins-Yel, Ph.D. (2017-2020)

Social Media Coordinator

Colton Brown, M.S.  (2018-2021)