APA 2015


This page summarizes information about the 2015 APA Convention in Toronto, Canada, which was held August 6th (Thursday) through August 9th (Sunday) of 2015, with pre-conference events occurring on August 5th (Wednesday).

See below for important information regarding passport and cell phone issues.

Check this page periodically, as new information and updates will be posted as they become available.

Introduction from the SCP Program Chairs

The Program Committee is excited to provide the Society’s program schedule with a total of 35 general sessions and 5 theme-based poster sessions (Vocational and Career Development; Scale Development, Measurement, and Health; Mental Health and Well-Being; Multicultural, Social Justice, and Advocacy; and Counseling Interventions, Training, and Professional Issues). for the American Psychological Association 2015 Annual Convention in Toronto, ON! As you may remember, our efforts to participate in the Collaborative Program initiative were very successful, and Division 17 will participate in 21 collaborative sessions as either a primary or secondary division. We thank all of the submitters and reviewers who helped create this diverse and intellectually stimulating program. Please note that at the time of this submission to the newsletter, APA was finalizing the program schedule and therefore changes to dates and times are still possible; thus, please check with the official APA program to ensure that you have the most accurate schedule.

Amy L. Reynolds, Ph.D.                                            Susan L. Crowell, Ph.D.
Division 17 Program Chair                                       Division 17 Program Co-Chair
University at Buffalo                                                  Utah State University
alr24@buffalo.edu                                                     Susan.crowley@usu.edu

Updated Division 17 Program Information

Division 17 COMPLETE Program Schedule (Updated 7/30/15)

Division 17 Hospitality Space GRID Program Schedule (Updated 7/31/15)

Division 17 Hospitality Space Schedule and Guide  (Updated 7/31/15)

Division 17 Program Information

All official programming for Division 17 and all other divisions can be browsed and saved to your personal schedule via the APA Convention App*, available for Android and iPhone.  A web browser version of the Convention App compatible with Windows operating systems is also available.  The webmaster highly recommends trying out the App if you have a smartphone, but don’t forget that the App does not list SCP Hospitality Suite programming… you’ll need the PDF’s downloadable below for that.  *The webmaster recommends opening the App, clicking on the “Sessions” icon, then selecting the following hierarchical menu item sequence to surf D17 programming by day: Browse by Division –> SponsorDiv –> Browse by Sub-Track –> 17.  Click the “start” icon to save any and all interesting sessions to “My Schedule”, which you can later access from the home screen of the App.  Please note that the hierarchical menu can lead you to dead-ends due to poor programming, so use the hierarchical menu sequence listed above for D17 sponsored programming.  If you want to search all official Convention programming by day, click on the “session” icon, then select “Browse by Day”.

Division 17 COMPLETE Program Schedule (Last Updated 7/30/15; download more up to date Hospitality Space programming info below)
The above PDF contains the following:
– Welcome Message from SCP President
– SCP Leadership Roster
– SCP Hospitality Space Programming (includes dates, times, locations)
– SCP Official APA Convention Programming (includes dates, times, locations)
– SCP Section Programming
– SCP Collaborative Programming with other APA Divisions
– SCP Continuing Education Programming

Division 17 Official APA Convention Programming
– Summary of programs sponsored by SCP that are listed in the official APA Convention program and that occur in the Convention Center itself
– Provides dates, times, and locations of events

Division 17 Hospitality Space Programming WITH Guide and Extensive Descriptions (Last Updated 7/9/15)
– Includes more extensive descriptions plus some background information to help those new to SCP.
– Summary of programming occurring in the Division 17 Hospitality Space (see below for more info)
– Provides dates, times, and locations of events

Division 17 Hospitality Space Programming Simple Grid Schedule  (Last Updated 7/9/15)
– Summary of programming occurring in the Division 17 Hospitality Space (see below for more info)
– Provides dates, times, and locations of events

Division 17 Section Programming
– Collaborative SCP section programming
– SCP section roundtables list
– Doesn’t provide dates, times, or locations of events

Division 17 Collaborative Programming with other APA Divisions
– Collaborative programs with other divisions in which SCP is the primary or secondary sponsor
– Doesn’t provide dates, times, or locations of events

Division 17 Section Roundtable Event entitled “Critical Issues in Counseling Psychology”
– August 6, Thursday, 3:00-3:50 pm 105 Constitution Hall, Convention Centre

Division 17 Continuing Education Programming
– Doesn’t provide dates, times, or locations of events

For Early Career Professionals

SCP Early Career Professionals Committee
Programming Highlights (.doc)

For Practitioners

Division 17’s Special Tasks Group (STG) for Therapeutic Practice cordially invites you to join us in our Hospitality Suite for practitioner-focused programming! We have dynamic Skill Building Workshops and Conversation Hours that will be delivered from a variety of experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. This will be a welcoming and inclusive environment where all who are interested in clinical practice can network, learn, and engage in ways that are conducive to their professional growth and development.

For Students and First-Time Attendees

For students, APAGS has excellent resources for students wanting to learn more about how to have an enjoyable and productive Convention experience, including a Survival Guide that is extremely helpful.

Students, please consider volunteering for the SCP Hospitality Space.  It’s a great way to meet new people and friends within our sub-specialty!

Also, check out APA’s page on frequently asked questions for first-time attendees.

Other Programming of Potential Interest

Symposium entitled “Ethnic/Race Aspects of Psychologists’ Work at Ground Zero (Epi-Centers for Community Crises)” held on Saturday from 12 to 1:50pm, chaired by Dr. Krishna Kumar.

Division 17 Hospitality Space Info

The Division 17 Hospitality Space will be at the Renaissance Toronto Downtown.  The Space is located in the following 4 rooms: Aurora Room, Blue Jays Room, Raptor Room, Northern Lights Ballroom.  Download a PDF of the Division 17 Hospitality Space Programming.

Renaissance Toronto Downtown (click here for location on Google Maps)
1 Blue Jays Way
Toronto, ON M5V1J4
Tel: 416-341-5041

Distance Between Division 17 Hospitality Space and other APA Venues:

  • Renaissance to Toronto Convention Centre – 6 min walk via Skywalk / 450 meters (.28 miles)
  • Renaissance to Fairmont Royal York – 12 mi walk via Front St W / 850 meters (.53 miles)
  • Renaissance to Intercontinental Toronto Centre – 8 min walk via Front St W / 600 meters (.37 miles)
  • Renaissance to Westin Harbour – 18 min walk via Harbour St / 1.4 kilometers (.87 miles)

APA Convention Travel and General Information

APA Convention Travel Tips – International Psychologists

Attending the APA Convention in Toronto Considerations of International Students

2015 Summer Program Newsletter Program Addendum

“In terms of getting from the airport to downtown: there is a new high speed train that runs from Pearson Airport to Union Subway Station. It’s much cheaper than a cab and easy to buy tickets for at the airport (cash, credit, or debit). The service started on June 6th and I just used it yesterday: it’s very convenient in terms of transportation! The only thing that is not great about it is that it is a bit hard to find: you have to follow signs to the trains in Terminal One and that can be a bit of a confusing trek. FYI There is a separate train that connects all the terminals.  See https://www.upexpress.com/   ”

Cell / Smartphone Use Tips from SCP Members

“I checked with Verizon about calling and text plans while in Canada. Apparently texting (SMS messages) are free (depending on your plan of course). You can purchase a $15 plan that will allow for 100 minutes of calling and 100 mg of data – not much – but then we will only be there a few days.”

“It depends on the phone you have, the phone of the recipient, your provider, your plan, and service in the area. Eg when I go home to Canada, with my US cell phone and plan (also verizon), I get no cell service BUT I can send texts BUT only when I am on wifi and only when they are going to or coming from another iPhone. Folks should probably call their provider to be sure they aren’t surprised by a $1000 phone bill, regardless of what anyone else’s plan might be giving them, even with the same provider.”

“I checked Verizon regarding using my LG G3 in Canada.  I opted to pay  $15 to add 100 minutes of call time, 100 messages you can send (though Verizon claims that, if your current domestic plan has text messaging built in, then your texting will be covered by your existing domestic plan when travelling in Canada) , Unlimited messages you can receive, 100MB of data during my billing period that covers the APA Convention.  If I thought I was only going to use data, I would go with the $10 100MB data package.”

“I have a pre-paid plan through T-Mobile. In my most recent oversees visit I realized that as long as I am connected to wifi, I can make phone calls and text. I was pleasantly surprised about that. Since it is a pre-paid plan, it doesn’t allow you to use your phone in any other way than what you already paid for. So, I know I won’t be charged for making phone calls from oversees to my home in the states.”  KEY UPDATE: T-mobile announces it will no longer charge for roaming in Canada.

“Make sure to turn your cellular data off or whatever the equivalent is for those without iPhones. He also makes an excellent point that the best bet is to call your provider beforehand.  Also, don’t forget to call your credit card companies to tell them that you are traveling out of country to avoid your cards getting frozen or declined due to automated fraud detection systems.”

“And when you’re calling the bank, check what your fees are on international use of your debit or credit card. You don’t want to be paying a $4 fee every time you use it! Also most of Canada has switched to chip cards at point of sale. There is usually a slider too and it usually works, but I always just withdraw Canadian cash at an ATM to be sure. I have had my non-chip US credit card not work in Canada, once.”

“It is important to note that an iMessage is NOT texting, in the general sense. It is within a uniquely Apple platform and thus is proprietary to their products. So, an iMessage (Apple to Apple ONLY) can work from any APPLE device on Wi-Fi anywhere. I use it to connect to my mother from my iPad to hers. You can also use Face-Time in the same manner. Texting is different, and requires a data plan that allows for it. Thus, you MUST contact your mobile provider or look over your plan to see if you are allowed texting by a limits, unlimited, and for Mexico and Canada. Many providers consider North America different from International. So, be certain to ask if your plan covers North America (Canada, US, and Mexico) or just the US. Please be aware that you may end up paying additional fees if you get a general add-on for international calling, texting, or other data needs. This may be all they have, or you may be getting more then you actually need.  Do not wait until you get to Canada to check on this, and please do NOT assume that the convention will be 100% Wi-Fi enabled.”

Bring a Valid Passport

Please remember that the APA Convention is being held in Toronto, Canada, which means you will need a valid Passport to enter the country.  If you do not have a passport, it is vital that you begin that process immediately to see if there is time to obtain or renew your passport before the Convention.

For information about obtaining a U.S. Passport, please follow this link: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/passports/apply.html

International participants will also need to have a valid passport and may refer to the following site to determine whether there are any additional visa requirements for entry.  http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/visas.asp