Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation

Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation is fundamental to who we are as a profession and a collective community committed to creating a world free of oppression.

Dr. Anneliese Singh (SCP 2019-2020 President) defines liberation as the following, “we all have a personal experience of liberation. It is the feeling deep in our bones when we are free from all the internalized messages we were taught of who we were supposed to be and the expansion we feel when we transform these messages into critical consciousness to act upon the world and change it. The project of working toward liberation for all people who experience oppression is one that frees all of us along the way. Liberation is a psychological construct, but it only has meaning when we enact it. Liberation moves us beyond the debates of whether or not we should engage in advocacy and social justice, and moves us to envision the world we want to leave behind as counseling psychologists and actively build towards that world. Think about it. What would a world free of racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and other oppressions ‘look like?’ Building a counseling psychology of liberation helps us dream that this new world can not only exist, but that there are also specific action steps as counseling psychologists that we can take right now to work towards that goal; and, this means “liberation” should take its place alongside our other hallmark counseling psychology values of lifespan and career development, prevention and wellness, multiculturalism, and social justice.”

The following resources represent the ongoing work of “Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation,” a collective engagement within our profession. You will find a “Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation” overview video, past and upcoming webinars, a 4-week curriculum for Liberation Process groups, and more resources for teaching and learning.