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About Us

Our Mission

To create a resource that will provide educators, community leaders, diversity trainers, and all who seek to take action against racism with a resource of high-quality, engaging media clips, discussion questions, activities, and teaching tools ready to use. Further, our intent was not to create a one-time static product, but to open a discussion with a community who seeks together to take action against racism. To that end, we welcome your submissions of activities, media clips, and ideas and will hold fall and spring dialogues about the use of media and teaching to address racism.

How to Contribute

Our intention is for this site to be a dynamic resource for educators and psychologists and for those who see it to be able to contribute media examples to the project. We intend to have fall and spring reviews and live inclusive discussions of the media and teaching activities that have been submitted via conference calls open to students and professionals. If you are interested in taking action against racism using media, please collect examples and submit them to Jill Lee-Barber, Ph.D. We will let you know that this was received and the date and time of the next live discussion in case you want to join in. The site will be updated with current examples of race that appear in media twice yearly. Without your help, this won’t be nearly as good.