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Picture of Dr. Rottinghaus

Dr. Patrick Rottinghaus
University of Missouri

Greetings From the SVP Chair

The Society for Vocational Psychology is a section of Division 17 (counseling psychology) of the American Psychological Association. The Society consists of a diverse group of researchers and career practitioners who are committed to the common vision of helping individuals with work-related issues across the lifespan in a volatile global economy. SVP serves the very important functions of connecting the scholarship and practice of our members, while also mentoring graduate students and new professionals.

The Society has been a professional home for me as a vocational psychologist since 1999. I continually marvel at and celebrate the accomplishments of SVP graduate students and scholars across generations within our field. Because vocational psychology spans so many aspects of people's lives it is no surprise that we represent a broad array of expertise and professional interests. We encourage involvement in SVP initiatives to tap these resources and help optimize the impact of our efforts, including building partnerships with related professional organizations within the United States and internationally.

We are a productive and inclusive group, composing a diverse membership of students, early career and senior members who are passionate about the critical roles of work and career development in the lives of people throughout the globe. SVP provides numerous opportunities for our members to engage in lively discourse, collaborate on strategic objectives, disseminate our work through conferences and publications, and celebrate our accomplishments. For example, we host biennial conferences that promote the latest research and practice in the field. Our colleagues from Florida State University hosted the most recent one in May 2016, Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice in Vocational Psychology. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming conference to be held in 2018. We also provide programming related to our specific initiatives every year at the annual American Psychological Association convention.

Currently, SVP is working on several important initiatives: (1) Finding ways of using our work to better inform public policy efforts, (2) Making our work more visible to those in other disciplines, as well as to interested members of the general public, (3) Strengthening our important international and interdisciplinary collaborations, (4) Examining evidence-based practice and emerging theoretical perspectives; and (5) Continuing to support our student colleagues in their development as vocational psychologists.

We have tremendous capacity within SVP and are continuing to capitalize on the enormous talent in the SVP membership who have been engaged in innovative work in vocational research and career counseling practice for many years. Within the society there have been several prominent scholars who have been produced rigorous and diverse scientific inquiry that benefits individuals, groups, and families. Collectively, we are continuing to honor this tradition, while looking for new ways to use our scholarship and practices to assist individuals in navigating the new global 21st century economy. We are eager to build on these intellectual traditions in support of addressing the work and career development needs of people from all backgrounds.

Patrick Rottinghaus, Chair
Society for Vocational Psychology

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