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We welcome comments, concerns, questions and new ideas for programs and initiatives! Please feel free to contact executive board members listed below. To learn more about Board Members, see our bios.

Sam Colbert and Brandon Millspaugh,

Kevin Cannon,

Secretary/Newsletter Editor Co-Chairs:
Rachael Collins,

Web Master Chair:
Chelsey Parker,

Membership Co-Chairs:
Leah Crabb, Kailah Glock, and Katie Califano,

Social Media Chair:
Byron Long,

Social Justice and Advocacy Pillar Co-Chairs:
Hunter Sully & Rachael Collins,

Scholarship, Engagement, and Collaboration Pillar Co-Chairs:
Sam Hinnenkamp, Ashley Schoener, and Hope Covington,

Prevention and Promotion in Mental Health Co-Chairs:
Craig Deken & Corie Hess,

Multiculturalism Pillar Co-Chairs:
Miranda Dean and Scott Barrera,

Faculty Advisor:
Sharon Bowman, Ph.D., HSPP, ABPP, LMHC,