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Welcome to the SLGBTI

LGBT and Ally Wedding!!!
We are planning a group wedding at the 2009 APA Convention.  Because it is in Toronto (Yes, that's Canada), marriage is legal for same-sex couples as well as opposite-sex couples.  For more information on being in the wedding, attending the festivities, or donating to the cause, please click here.  Wedding

LOGO Contest
During convention this year, we will celebrate our official name change of our section to now include our transgender kin.

This name change has been a long time coming and we would like to visually celebrate it by having eye catching buttons for our section, new section materials with a new logo. Here's how you come in...the board is requesting submissions for section logos be submitted to us, a March 31, 2009. Our board meets the first week in April and will choose one of the logos submitted to be used on our section materials. If you are interested in designing a new logo for our section, please send your creative genius to me at by 3/31/2009 so that the board can make a decision in time to roll out buttons and materials with our new and improved name :)

2009 American Psychological Association Convention in Toronto
Dates: August 6-9, 2009
Direct link to APA Convention

Programming this year will be excellent. Shana Hamilton, programming chair, has worked hard on putting together a fantastic collection of offerings for our section. Several of our programs are designed to complement the presidential initiative of Dr. Helms, Taking Action Against Racism. Additionally, Theo Burnes, who is chairing the supervision and training area of our strategic plan has taken the lead on planning a mentoring breakfast for the section this year. Plan to join us in Toronto if you won't be sorry.