Our organization strives to further the research, training, theory and practice of counseling psychology among counseling center psychologists. The Section goals address a variety of domains, including counseling center research, training of future psychologists, individual and group treatment of students, assessment in student populations, consulting with faculty and staff, outreach programming to campus communities, and administrative issues.

The Section operates by consensus of its members and is committed to advancing the human rights of all men and women regardless of race, sexual orientation, class, nationality, gender identity, ethnicity, age, disability, or religious orientation.


1.  The Section on College and University Counseling Centers is holding an election for three open positions on the Section’s Executive Committee. Please see the call for nominations for these exciting leadership opportunities!

2. It is FREE to join/renew your SCUCC membership!

3. The APA Ethics Committee seeks public comments on Proposed Language to Revise Standard 3.04 of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (“Ethics Code”). This revision follows the request by the APA Council of Representatives for the Ethics Committee to consider pursuing an appropriate course of action in as expeditious a manner as possible to incorporate into the Ethics Code the prohibitions surrounding psychologist participation in national security interrogations.   

4. Check out our most recent newsletter! See below for our response to the Hoffman Report from Jason Hacker (SCUCC, Chair-Elect) and Barbara Meehan’s (SCUCC, Chair) written July 27, 2015:The release of the Hoffman Report two weeks ago has generated a wave of reactions and responses, all of which contribute to our understanding of past events, allow us to reflect on our identity and values, and will hopefully help us find the right path to move forward both individually and as a collective profession. We want to acknowledge the emotional and professional impact that recent events have had on you and fellow counseling center professionals, students and trainees. One of the core values of our section is to give voice and support to professionals dedicated to social justice in counseling center work; to that end, we want to encourage and support those who are inclined to lend their voice and perspective to the efforts to shape our future as an organization and as a discipline. Here are a few ways for you to do so:

  • On the APA website you are able to review the full Hoffman Report and the response from the APA Board of Directors. The webpage includes an open forum that the Board of Directors are actively reviewing and any comments made there will become part of the Board of Directors’ action proposals to the Council.  Comments posted there can also be viewed by the public—members and non-members of APA.
  • In addition, the Division 17 Council of Representatives are collecting comments via email at Comments sent to the address will be reviewed and submitted by the Div 17 council representatives, along with their summary of any action proposals. This provides a way to lend your input via a different channel that will ultimately shape the input from the Division to the Board of Directors.
  • For those of you attending Convention, there will be a Town Hall meeting to voice your opinions. We will pass along any additional details about the Town Hall as they become available

We remain hopeful that the growing discussion and collaboration within SCUCC, Division 17, and APA will contribute to the development of an ethical, sound, and vibrant association.