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The Inaugural SCP Leadership Academy was held in 2012 as one of Barry Chung's Presidential Initiatives with additional funding from Northeastern University. This unique training experience for students and early career professionals (ECPs) will be continued in 2013 as one of President Andy Horne's Initiatives. Each year, the Leadership Academy selects ten diverse SAS/SCP members to participate in leadership training in January. In 2012, this training included strategic planning, observation of portions of the SCP Executive Board (EB) midyear meeting, and development of participants' understanding of leadership. In 2013, leadership training will again co-occur with the SCP EB Meeting following the National Multicultural Conference and Summit. This setting sets the stage for a continued exploration of integrating leadership in multicultural context. As part of the Leadership Academy experience, participants create and implement projects to advance the Society's values and goals under the mentorship of Society leaders. These projects are then presented at the following APA Convention and many of the 2012 projects are being submitted for publication. In 2012, SCP received a host of well-written, experienced, and dynamic candidates, making the Leadership Academy faculty's decisions tough. The ten participants chosen represented an outstanding group of applicants, and their diverse backgrounds demonstrate that the future of SCP will be in the hands of a well-rounded body of practitioners, professors, and professionals in student affairs. The deadline to apply for the 2013 Leadership Academy is October 1st (click here for Call for Applications), and questions can be directed to Julia Phillips at julia7@uakron.edu .

In 2012, the ECPs chosen for the Leadership Academy included Cirleen DeBlaere, Robert (Bobby) Reis II, Kimber Shelton, Femina Varghese, and Christine Zhou. Drs. Reis, Shelton, and Zhou practiced in university counseling centers, whereas Drs. DeBlaere and Varghese were assistant professors. The students ranged from second year students to current interns and included Franco Dispenza, Zoeann Finzi-Smith, Carlton Green, Joseph Hammer, and Kim Langrehr. All had been professionally involved in various local, regional, or national organizations.

2012 Leadership Academy faculty included Rosie Bingham (Co-Chair), Candice Crowell (student member), Linda Forrest (Co-Chair), Katharine Hahn Oh, Sandra Shullman, and John Westefeld. Numerous mentors assisted participants with their projects including Jill Barber, Tania Israel, Jim Lichtenberg, Michael Mobley, and Aaron Rochlen. In 2013, Leadership Academy faculty are Barry Chung, Zoeann Finzi-Smith (student member), Katharine Hahn Oh (Co-Chair), Julia C. Phillips (Co-Chair), Sandra L. Shullman, and Melba J. T. Vasquez.

More than anything, participants the 2012 Leadership Academy cited the relationships formed during their experiences as extremely valuable. Outside of the work, there was mentoring, advice sharing, and storytelling that created a community no one in attendance will soon forget. Sentiments like “family” were shared throughout the weekend, emphasizing just how close participants became over the four days. So, although the three major thrusts of the Leadership Academy were training in leadership, learning about SCP, and developing projects, the theme of connection tied it all together.

Click here to read reflections from the Leadership Academy participants.

Submitted by Candice Crowell, student member of the 2012 Leadership Academy faculty, and Julia Phillips, Co-Chair of the 2013 Leadership Academy STG.



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