Opinion editorials written by members of SCP.

That Was Close: Internships and Hiring Freezes

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In the past, a significant disparity has existed between the number of internship sites available and the number of students seeking those positions (Parent & Williamson, 2010). While this gap has been slowly closing, each… » Read more

Politics in Teaching

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I’ve heard commentators talk about parents’ struggles to talk to their children about the presidential election and have read corresponding online articles. As a Counseling Psychologist and professor, my internal debate is, “how do I… » Read more

Are All Black Students Falling Behind?

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A recent report by The Education Trust, a nonprofit working on educational justice, reveals that while there has been an improvement in graduation rates at four-year public institutions for all students, the improvement is smaller… » Read more

End Racial Disparities in School Discipline

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There is a conspiracy against Black children in our schools. When I say conspiracy I’m not suggesting there are shadowy figures sitting behind closed doors actively plotting how they can harm Black students. Instead, I’m… » Read more