Opinion editorials written by members of SCP.

That Was Close: Internships and Hiring Freezes

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In the past, a significant disparity has existed between the number of internship sites available and the number of students seeking those positions (Parent & Williamson, 2010). While this gap has been slowly closing, each… » Read more

Politics in Teaching

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I’ve heard commentators talk about parents’ struggles to talk to their children about the presidential election and have read corresponding online articles. As a Counseling Psychologist and professor, my internal debate is, “how do I… » Read more

Are All Black Students Falling Behind?

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A recent report by The Education Trust, a nonprofit working on educational justice, reveals that while there has been an improvement in graduation rates at four-year public institutions for all students, the improvement is smaller… » Read more

End Racial Disparities in School Discipline

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There is a conspiracy against Black children in our schools. When I say conspiracy I’m not suggesting there are shadowy figures sitting behind closed doors actively plotting how they can harm Black students. Instead, I’m… » Read more

Black (Girls’) Lives Matter

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Black families and communities have the critical task of preparing Black youth and young adults for the realities of racial hostility and inequality perpetuated in interpersonal, institutional, and societal arenas. That task is accomplished largely… » Read more