Continuing Education (CE)

Free Opportunities for SCP Members  to Earn Continuing Education Credits

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How to Submit a Proposal to Offer CE’s to SCP Members for Attending Your Program

All proposals for Continuing Education (CE) must be reviewed by the Division 17 CE Committee.

Requesting approval of a CE proposal through Division 17 of the APA is a five step process.

  • STEP 1: At least 6 weeks prior to the date of the CE program, please submit a completed SCP CE Application via email to the CE Committee Chair, which requests the following information about each CE program:
    1. Title
    2. Presenter(s) and credentials
    3. Dates and times
    4. Number of instructional hours and number of CE Credits
    5. CE Level (introductory, intermediate, advanced)
    6. How presenters will ensure active engagement/interaction between presenters and audience
    7. Program content type (assessment and intervention, ethics/legal, other psychological practice/education/research topics)
    8. Program description (usually one paragraph)
    9. Three or more APA-Style References that provide evidence that the program content meets the APA CESA Standard and Criteria
    10. Measurable, observable Learning Objectives
    11. Assessment items that match each Learning Objective
    12. Target audience
    13. Activity format (lecture/seminar, workshop, conference session)
    14. How presenters will address potential conflicts of interest
    15. Compliance Checklist (assurances the program meets 9 key requirements)
    16. A current CV for each of the presenters
    17. The Division 17 CE Committee is required by APA CESA to collect, verify, and/or annually report these 17 pieces of information about all CE programs we approve, in addition to attendance records, evaluation rating summaries, and promotional materials.
  • STEP 2: Be patient as the CE Committee reviews your proposal. We like to have these returned to you within about two weeks. It is likely that you will be asked to make revisions for clarity and to adhere to the APA CESA Standard and Criteria.
  • STEP 3: Make revisions and re-submit to the CE Committee Chair. Often, unless significant revisions are necessary, the Chair can determine that all requested changes have been made and provide approval within one week.
  • STEP 4: Offer the CE program. Whether the program is online or face-to-face, the following are required.
    1. Attendance: Please keep a record of all attendees. Within two weeks of the CE workshop, provide to the CE Committee Chair a list with attendees’ names, city/state, email, and whether the attendee is a psychologist (yes/no).  You may download this SAMPLE ATTENDANCE SHEET.
    2. Evaluation: Anyone who receives CE must complete an evaluation of the workshop. This evaluation should include standard items as well as items that were tailored specifically for this workshop (the Assessment items that were approved with your proposal). Within two weeks of the CE workshop, provide to the CE Committee Chair a summary of the evaluation data (NOT raw data) with means for each item.  You may download this SAMPLE EVALUATION.
    3. Advertising: Please provide the CE Committee Chair with any promotional materials you used to advertise the CE program.
  • STEP 5: Attendees should be provided a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the CE Workshop. Work with the CE Committee Chair to develop a certificate of completion. Certificate should abide by general guidelines, including specific language, logo, and a signature line for the CE Committee Chair.

CE Committee


Joseph H. Hammer, PhD (2018-2020)
Claudia Porras, PhD
Marilyn Cornish, PhD
Ashley Hadwiger
Dillon Federici