Special Task Groups (STGs)

use13meetinggovernanceThe following is a list of STGs that were commissioned by a current or past president and remain active.  You may also review a list of past STGs.

STG for Adding an Early Career Professional to SCP’s Executive Board

Chair, Tiffany O’Shaughnessy, t.oshaughnessy@gmail.com

STG on Reviewing and Revising the SCP/CCPTP Model Training Program for Counseling Psychology

Co-Chairs, Michael Scheel, mscheel2@unl.edu, and Sally Stabb, SStabb@mail.twu.edu.

STG on Governance/Leadership Meeting and Travel Support

Chair: Mary O’Leary Wiley, wiley510@gmail.com

SCP Leadership STG

Co-Chairs: Alvin Alvarez (aalvarez@sfsu.edu) and Le Ondra Clark Harvey (leondraclark@gmail.com)

2018 SCP Leadership Academy STG

Co-Chairs: Jeanne E. Manese (jmanese@uci.edu) and Linda Forrest (forrestl@uoregon.edu)

Strategic Planning Committee STG

Chair: Rosie Bingham (rbingham@memphis.edu)

Ethics STG

Chair: Linda Forrest (forrestl@uoregon.edu)