President’s Welcome

Welcome to the official website of the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP), Division 17 of the American Psychological Association! As a discipline, SCP’s goal is to advance inclusion and social justice through an integration of science and practice. We are a professional organization with over 2000 members and affiliates. If you are not yet a member, I welcome your involvement and invite you to become a member of SCP.

The Society of Counseling Psychology aims to promote the values, interests, and activities of counseling psychologists through

  1. advocacy for counseling psychology within the field of psychology and in the public sphere
  2. fostering the integration of science and practice of counseling psychology in the public interest
  3. guiding professional education and training of specialists in counseling psychology throughout the professional lifespan
  4. establishing and maintaining standards of professional research, training, practice, and consultation offered by counseling psychologists
  5. providing leadership on culturally and ethically competent practice of counseling psychology in a variety of applied settings
  6. promoting diversity and social justice within SCP and the application of counseling psychology in the public interest
  7. supporting effective communication and collaborations among counseling psychologists and between SCP and other entities

Counseling Psychology values developmental, strength-based, multicultural, social justice, positive psychology, and international perspectives. The success of our work rests heavily on the membership and the work of SCP volunteer leaders – our Executive Board, our committee chairs, and members, our task group chairs and members, our student affiliate organization – and the staff of our central office.  This philosophy is also apparent in our nationally ranked journal, The Counseling Psychologist, and our blog, SCP Connect.

We currently have 13 Sections and 10 Special Interest Groups tailored for various interest topics in counseling psychology.  I encourage you to browse their websites and join as many Sections or Special Interest Groups as you like, many of which have free memberships. SCP also has a Facebook page for more frequent updates of SCP activities. I hope you will make use of this means of communication and connection with SCP.

Students may join the Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS), our national organization for students in counseling psychology. SAS offers opportunities for students to become voting members on various levels of SCP leadership, from the Executive Board to various Committees and Special Task Groups. We also value the participation and contributions of early career professionals in all facets of SCP.

SCP is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of counseling psychologists through the Fellow status as well as through various awards for researchers, practitioners, professionals, and students in both the Society and APA.  Please consider nominating colleagues or yourself by contacting the Fellowship Committee or Awards and Recognition Committee.

As President of SCP, I welcome your interest in counseling psychology and SCP. My presidential theme for 2017-2018 is “Leadership through Advocacy: Advancing and Influencing Change.”  I have three initiatives that are consistent with our values of inclusion, equity and access, and prevention:

  1. Respectful Dialogues and Social Justice Engagement—to create inclusion and promote advocacy by engaging in meaningful dialogues that shift our center.
  2. Attend to Master’s Training Issues—to strengthen our doctoral and masters programs by creating access and supporting our colleagues who hold dual professional identities as well as doctoral level counseling psychologists and master’s level counselor/counselor educators as they navigate accreditation, licensure, and other practice issues.
  3. Leadership through one’s Professional Career—to proactively cultivate and advance Mid-career and Early- Career leadership with intentionality and purpose, through training, coaching, and mentorship.

I look forward to you joining us and participating in our various committees and activities.  Please contact me or any of our SCP officers and Section and Committee leaders for questions, suggestions, and comments.



Arpana G. Inman, Ph.D.
President, 2017-2018